PhUn sTuPh

Okay, you got that new hi-tech MilDot scope and the directions are a little cryptic. How does it all work and come together in the real world of long range shooting?? Well, here's a way to figure it out without wasting a shot. This plays online and is also available on cd-rom. Very well done!

Great site! Virtual reality target shooting, using match sites on a 22 target rifle, match sites on a 22 pistol, and silhouette pistol. Helps develop understanding of different sight holds and holdovers. ALL NEW firing lane allows for offhand wobble with adjustment on a match rifle. Good for training!

If you looking for information on a cartridge you've never heard of, or just curious about critical dimemsions, a little history of development, and what they look like, here's the place to go. There is a downloadable version of the database, but the on-line version is updated as needed.

Shoot the terrorists. Plays fast, choice of 4 different countries and situations. Better be nimble with a mouse!

Here ya go. You've heard about this one! Here is UBL in the States on his own, in a liquor store with a hostage. He'll taunt you, but be careful you don't smoke the hostage.