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Season News

Sorry for the delay in getting the new calendar updated. I started a new job that is eating away at my free time and no one had emailed (except for the dependable few) their schedules. To mine them takes even more time. As soon as I finish compiling the dates I will post it.

I hear from some buds that have gone to shoot the cobwebs out of their rifles in the Bridgeville opener, the 1000 yd range is moving forward and will be completed soon. Their anxious anticipation for the opening of the range (besides it's proximity) is the quality of work being done to prepare it. Kudos to Bridgeville and it's members!

If during the season you discover the need to rebarrel, check Holliger's new site White Oak Armament for some inexpensive replacements or gander at some other barrels from another reputable source, BLACKSTAR.

Calvin Riggs over at BlackStar has a couple of pre-ban and post-ban 1:8's and maybe some 1:7's available soon. Check with him or me on special contours or twists (I plan to stock some barrels for immediate replacement). These barrels are made of LW50 stainless, which make them the toughest and most durable stainless barrel on the market today. This steel has the lowest sulphur content around and is made in Germany for .50 cal use, so it is very wear resistant for a long, accurate life. Frank White of CLE does all the profiling and chambering, and all the barrels come fitted with a new headspaced bolt and extension, so they are ready to go with a few twists of the barrel nut. They are a very good deal.

Another thing to consider, if you don't already participate, is to join in on the informative banter at the Delphi hosted forums. Ask questions, get answers. Just by reading you will find answers to questions you never thought to ask, too.

If anybody has anything to contribute, please contact me.


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